About the UEC

Welcome to the Users' Executive Committee (UEC) for the National Synchrotron Light Source II (NSLS-II) at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL).

The UEC is charged with conducting the day-to-day business of the NSLS-II Users' Association.


The purpose of the NSLS-II Users' Association is:

  • To promote and encourage research at Brookhaven’s world leading synchrotron user facility, the NSLS-II
  • To provide opportunities for the user community to exchange ideas and concerns
  • To communicate user needs to facility management, including NSLSL-II, the Energy Sciences Directorate, Brookhaven National Laboratory and the Department of Energy
  • To broadly advocate the role synchrotrons play in the greater scientific enterprise
  • To provide a channel for communicating with federal funding agencies, Congress, the White House, and other federal agencies

The association also disseminates to the user community relevant information on facility plans and prospects.

Note: The organizational names “NSLS-II Users’ Association” and “NSLS-II Users’ Executive Committee” were adopted in 2016. Archived materials contain previous names, which include "Brookhaven Photon Sciences Users' Association" and "Brookhaven Photon Sciences Users' Executive Committee as well as the original "NSLS Users' Association" and "NSLS Users' Executive Committee."




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