UEC members serve as points of contact for all Users' Association members; in order to identify which current UEC member can best represent your interests, please consult the information provided below. If you do not feel that any current UEC member is suited to represent you, please contact the UEC Chair.

Member Facility Affiliation Institution Type Field(s) Expertise/Interest Synchrotron Technologies
Jen Bohon Partner Academia Structural Biology, Biophysics, Diamond-based Detectors X-ray Footprinting, bioXAS, IR Microspectroscopy, XBIC
Don Weidner Partner Academia Earth science high-pressure XRD, powder diffraction
Jeff Fitts GU Academia environmental and climate science, water treatment and energy technologies micro/nanoprobe XRF, XAS, scattering, tomography
Kevin Yager Partner & GU Government Nanoscience, soft matter X-ray scattering (SAXS/WAXS), grazing-incidence (GISAXS/GIWAXS), reflectivity (XRR)
Noel Blackburn University Relations Government Education, Outreach N/A
Sandra Gabelli GU Academia Structural Biology, Biophysics Macromolecular crystallography, SAXS
Shelly Kelly GU Industry Catalysis micro/nanoprobe XRF, XAS, tomography
Reeja Jayan GU Academia Far-from-equilibrium materials processing using electromagnetic fields x-ray diffraction (thin film and powder), x-ray PDF analysis, in-situ measurements
Stan Petrash GU Industry Materials and polymer science, in-situ X-ray imaging, scattering and spectroscopy, energy storage, additive manufacturing, polymers and conductive compoisites SAXS/WAXS, X-ray microspectroscopy, XAS, ptychography
Matt Dawber Partner & GU Academia Condensed Matter Physics, Funcitional Oxides, Thin Films and Multilayers, Ferroelectrics Surface x-ray scattering, in-situ x-ray diffraction during thin film growth, coherent scattering
Mark Dean Partner & GU Government Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum Materials, Magnetism, Superconductivity Resonant x-ray scattering, inelastic x-ray scattering, coherent scattering
Amy Marschilok GU Academia materials science, chemistry, electrochemistry, energy storage x-ray diffraction, x-ray absorption spectroscopy, mapping techniques
Hilmar Koerner GU Government (DoD) Materials Science, high temperature polymer matrix composites, nanocomposites, additive manufacturing SAXS/WAXD, RSoXS, XPCS