Welcome to the NSLS-II UEC show – the current platform instituted by the UEC to communicate relevant information to you the NSLS-II user community. More conversation, less presentation. Previous town meeting presentations can be found at: http://www.nslsuec.org/events/townmeeting.aspx.

The NSLS UEC Show - Episode 4

Episode 4 // August 16, 2021

Access Code: Wj#Ecvz2

The NSLS UEC Show - Episode 3

Episode 3 // February 26, 2020

Check out the next installment of the NSLS-II UEC Show hosted by Matt Whitaker and Mark Dean with special guest Stuart Campbell, Teresa Daniels, Chuck Black, and John Hill.

The NSLS UEC Show - Episode 2

Episode 2 // November 8, 2019

NSLS-II Show hosts Matt Whitaker and Mark Dean talk to Simerjeet Gill, Qun Shen, Lisa Miller, and John Hill.

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The NSLS UEC Show - Episode 1

Episode 1 // August 22, 2019

In this episode the hosts are joined by Simerjeet Gill, UEC Chair, John Hill, NSLS-II Director, Marty Fallier, Brookhaven Lab’s Director of Facilities Division, and Ignace Jarrige, NSLS-II Science Coordinator for Physical Sciences.

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