Charter Vote

To facilitate the nominating for election of UEC members process, we are proposing the following wording changes revision to section IV-B of the NSLS-II charter:

B. Rules for the Nominating Committee for Election of Members
Nominations for election as members of the UEC shall be solicited from the Users’ Association. All interested parties are entitled to nominate candidates including NSLS-II users and potential users, UEC members, Nominating Committee Members and NSLS-II staff. All nominations must be emailed to the Chair of the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee shall then prepare a slate of at least ten candidates. The Committee is expected to identify and nominate further people if desired or needed to prepare an adequate list of candidates. It is the Nominating Committee’s responsibility to ensure that the slate of candidates is balanced among various user interests, techniques, scientific areas and that all candidates are well-placed to impartially advocate for the interests of NSLS-II Users. The purpose of the nominating committee is to decide on these matters. In exceptional circumstances, the Nomination Committee may ask for input from others such as UEC members and nominee. The UEC acknowledges that the UEC members most familiar with the professional record of a candidate may also know the candidate personally. It is understood that UEC members will act in the best interests of UEC even in these difficult circumstances. A list of the selected candidates and suggested candidates who were not selected should be circulated among the UEC with the opportunity to comment. The final slate of candidates shall be approved by a quorum of the UEC. The UEC is not obligated to provide feedback to non-selected candidates. The slate of candidates, with a brief biographical sketch of each nominee, shall be announced to the Users’ Association at least one month in advance of the annual Users' Meeting.

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